Can one garment save the world?

We’re in the exciting experimental start-up phase of ±Easy Piece, the collaborative way of creating clothes and style. Beyond fashion and trends. Inclusive, honest and friendly.

Based on one simple pattern that can be tweaked and hacked to boost everybody’s personal preferences, without disrespecting lives and resources on the planet. Processes that unite, not divide, and create meaning and common prosperity. One world!

It started with Runa asking Lene for a custom made garment that she could not find on the market - a comfy sustainable, oversized tee - which would simplify and minimize her personal closet. A cool, unisex piece that she could also produce, print on and sell. Easy Piece One - the first sample was created.

Pretty soon people around Runa expressed similar fashion frustration, and interest in a garment like this. She decided to make it open source and invite people to a creative, experimental collaboration, investigating how fashion could be transformed. With the primordial pattern made for her as the starting point - a pattern 0.

Thor came up with the name Easy Piece and Runa added ±.


±Easy Piece - Open World Collaboration will manifest itself through experimental workshops, talks, exhibitions, happenings and more. It aspires to spark debate about the negative impacts of and solutions to fast fashion and open opportunities for slower, more sustainable, ethical and inclusive processes and hence help save the world! [Read more about the concept]


±Easy Piece mixtape - interpretations and hacks