Since a very long time, Runa had been thinking about creating the ultimate “capsulet” wardrobe for herself. Not a capsule, but a “capsulet” wardrobe. Reworking the concept. Making it even smaller. Even easier. Taking it even further. Making closet management, clothes sourcing and maintenance, dressing, packing for traveling etc. a true pleasure. She desired a responsible, respectful, stylish, high-quality, personal, functional and versatile no-brainer wardrobe.

So okay, let’s first look at the definition of a capsule wardrobe.

Def: capsule wardrobe

a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential


Only items considered essential. So how many pieces?

Five… four… three… ?
After years of wearing clothes, learning about the forces that shape the way we dress, analyzing and contemplating, she finally came to the conclusion that she’d like to try to scale it down to just one piece of clothing.


That ultimate piece with a simple, neutral cut - a cross between an over-sized t-shirt and a tunic - that can be extended into a maxi piece.

A garment both traditional and up to date, appreciated in many cultures. A piece that can be varied infinitely through the choice of material, techniques, colors and patterns and accessories. A model to be worn by everyone and anyone that likes it, regardless of gender, age, creed, nationality, occupation, class or origin.

A beautiful creation of culture and science, not vanity and greed. A democratic garment.

A super piece! Yes, let’s push it!
Locally made-to-order or Do-It-Yourself.

The primordial pattern would of course be open-source with a world wide viral gallery and forum for sharing knowledge, ideas, hacks and experiences.

Okay, so now Runa stopped thinking about it… and started talking and doing with some friends and colleagues. The first prototype was created (thanks Lene!) and the project was named Easy Piece (thanks Thor!) (Check out the mile stones.)

±Easy Piece - Open World Collaboration was born. A trans-disciplinary bon-bon of collaborative investigating design, creative activism and scientific fun!

±Easy Piece will travel beyond fashion borders, dress codes, norms, taboos and capsule wardrobes.

Aspiring to be earth friendly, ethical, chill, easy, versatile, comfy, chic. hip, universal, minimal, maximal … Everything! Somewhat. Or not?

±Easy Piece. Just one. For everyone!

The project is is about much more than creating a stylish, no-brainer answer to the question: ”Help, how shall I dress today? I have nothing to wear!” More than creating an outfit that works from day to evening. We will approach the task holistically, looking at the design process and outcome from all possible and impossible angles.

The pieces will be constantly evaluated and there will be no right and wrong, but the ambition is to gain as much good as possible while creating as little harm as possible.

Parameters to evaluate and measure the garments features and impact against are being assembled.