Can one garment save the world?

±Easy Piece is based on a new way of thinking about clothing, originating from one simple, universal open source pattern, that can be freely hacked and customized by everyone.

Easy Piece clean x.jpg

Each ±Easy Piece will raise the question “Can this garment help save the world?” and declare in what way it is aspiring to save the world.

The project will be manifested through collections, collaboratories, workshops, talks, performances, shows, articles, evaluations and open source documentation. The project was launched at OSCEdays Berlin 2017 and is slowly and carefully taking speed with prototyping and workshops in Borås, Sweden and Berlin, Germany.

±Easy Piece is the brain child of Runa Juhanisdotter and a result of her failure to find the clothes she wanted, a strong wish to minimize and simplify her personal closet and a call to rethink and reimagine fashion.

The project's aim is to spark awareness and discussions on how we produce and consume clothes; to make the fashion design process more inclusive, transparent, collaborative, organic and ethical; and to create sustainable, new business opportunities. It will inspire and facilitate conscious consumption and create heaps of easy, fun ways to customize, fix, update, share, recreate and reuse the easy pieces so they stay in the loop for a very long time. It aspires to create a happy spectrum of personal, crafted, functional, appealing garments that never go out of fashion, to be valued and worn by anyone regardless of age, gender, creed, size, nationality...

±Easy Piece is an Open World Collaboration where art, craft, design, science, philosophy and economics will meet and data and skills can flow freely in all directions and on all levels in an experimental, honest and positive spirit.


i) production of ±Easy Piece garments

ii) virtual and physical venues to buy, custom order, resell, make, repair, swap, redesign ±Easy Pieces

iii) collaborative events such as workshops, talks and performances

iv) exhibitions

v) an online forum for discussions and exchange of skills and information

vi) open source sharing of processes and test results from participants to benefit every one, from designer to wearer