Easy Piece 1.0 

The first ±Easy Piece pattern was created in 2014. The pattern is free culture work (open source) under an international creative commons license. (Read more.) Feel free to use and alter it to your size, wishes and needs and link back to us. Please also share the process and outcome. If you send some photos and info to hello@easypiece.net, we will happily share it. Enjoy!

Easy Piece Pattern 1.0.jpg

The pattern was developed in collaboration with Lene Madsen / Leluma Design to meet originator Runa Juhanisdotter’s wishes and needs. It was adjusted in 2017 and this pattern was replaced with Easy Piece 2.0 as the primordial pattern / original model.

ALL MEASURES are in centimeters (cm)

Since sizes are different all over the world, and we come in all lengths, widths and shapes, as a point of reference, here are Runa’s measurements as a point of reference: (In Sweden Runa is the equivalent of a small/medium or 36/38.)

Height:  162
Chest:     87
Waist:     70
Hips:       94