±Easy Piece Freestyle


Freestyle ±Easy Piece Dress, Berlin Collaboration - 2017

Based on the explorative idea behind Easy Piece and initiated by Roger of Pirate Stiches. This refashion freestyle dress is intrested in the collective journey rather than the pattern .… Hand-crafted patches of upcycled textiles by à la mode, Lkeks, LaVicaloca and Judith grew into a quilt and then became a dress. Since Roger finds dresses cool and unisex and thinks the Easy Piece looks like a shirt. Sometimes patterns are hacked, and sometimes the pattern is entirely left behind. Art is free. Final design and montage by Freddy Fusseltier Farbenklitsch.

Location: ReThink Festival #4 by ReFashionReFood
Elle Peril
Music by
Pulsar Trio
Filmed by
ela roth


±Easy Piece by Ela Roth - Upcycled Zero Waste - 2017

Twin DIY ±Easy Piece inspired by Easy Piece, created for super width, maxi length and zero waste.
While photographing Runa and her Easy Piece, Ela Roth realized that she wanted to make an Easy Piece for herself, a really wide piece. Runa suggested a vintage table cloth or something and off they went hunting. In a thriftstore in Ela’s hometown, in the former DDR, she found the perfect old duvet cover big enough to even make two Easy Pieces - one for her and one for her mother.

Ela used the full length of the width and just sliced it into two parts, one wider than the other, so no need to add sleeves. To generate zero waste and elegance, they were made maxi length. All that was needed was some cutting, rolling, hemming and pulling together with a hook.

Material: Vintage cotton duvet cover, thread
Tools: Scissors, ripper and a sewing machine
Cost: 2,60 Euro
Photo cred: The Häusler Family