±Easy Piece Introduction at OSCEdays Berlin

Sunday July 2, 2017 at CRCLR, Agora Rollberg

Challenge - Can one garment save the world?

How to
1) spread the open world collaboration and initiate discussion about the way we produce and consume clothing?
2) inspire fun, inclusive, sustainable and ethical solutions for behavioral change to reduce the negative impact of global fast fashion?

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Photos snapped by Babaruna and Kristján Czakó

easy piece challenge at oscedays outcome.jpg

Thanks Virgine Gailing for the great documentation map!

Hosted by ReFashionReFood
Featuring Kristján Czakó, Virginie Gailing, Lene Madsen, Hannah Schorch, Runa Juhanisdotter, Albena Stateva

Outcome - brainstorming results

The vision of ±Easy Piece
is to create a genuine fashion culture - purposeful, authentic, real!

The goal is to instigate an International Network of Easy Piece Communities and to Educate.

How to…

instigate network?

  • Find / create a new inclusive, avantgarde.

  • Track down good role models, genuine influencers.

  • Create and place a mind-bomb.

  • Stop “trends”.



  • Make a film that shows cool solutions.

  • Show several options, make it accessible.

  • Use social media and internet as a tool.

  • Exhibitions, workshops, talks, discussions.


  • Fashion Industry - designers, producers, retail.

  • Customers - young people, fast fashion over-consumers.